fast and the furious

31 August 2020

This is my favourite movie ever made so you know I'm going to give a Brillant review. I first saw the movie when I was 11 years old and my childhood was never the same. Vin diesel as dom was like the mentor i always wanted tough, loyal and family that he cares about the most. He has a younger sister by the name of mia who both run a store named Territos this attracts the attention of paul walker who is the favourite customer he has a sandwich every time he goes to the store which beings to go sour because of a jealous mutual friend of mia named Vince.

They go outside and well lets just say dom comes to the rescue and stops the two. But not without a warning vin tells paul he is not allowed to come around the store anymore. So this puts paul in a difficult position because he no longer has a job. So this give him a opportunity to enter into the underground street racing and the main man is no other than dom territo. Race goes underway and slips for paul on the line he must win to keep his car.

A lot of fun begins racing, beautiful women and popcorn adventure you will enjoy.

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