jumanji welcome to the jungle

27 August 2020

First watched the movie in the cinemas, didnt have high expections considering i am a huge dwayne the rock johnson fan.Was impressed beyond my expections by a massive margain movie begins with the students in school then the story takes off pretty rapidly.They become Adults locked themselves in a video game only question is how are they going to get themselves out of this situation. So they begin to work together on this journey one of each with a certain talent, Doctor Smolder bravestone (played by Dwayne Johnson) has smoldering intestity what you have to see it to belive it. Moose Finbar (played by kevin hart) is the best friend of doctor bravestone. Martha (played by karen gillan) and shelly (played by jack black) all best friends who have to work together to save jumanji.We have the adventure begin right away with chases, fight scences, and some adventure the whole family will enjoy.



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